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Defending against Tennessee DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charge is a complicated process. You need a skilled Knoxville DUI lawyer to defend you! It requires a great deal of time and expertise in order to provide a superior level of legal representation that can acquit a client of a Tennessee DUI or DWI charge, especially when there is formidable evidence against the drivers. This is why you need an aggressive and experienced Knoxville DUI defense lawyer to protect your rights.

The skilled Knoxville Tennessee DUI defense lawyers at The Garza Law Firm, our experienced DUI, DWI, and BUI attorneys that know precisely what it takes to defend individuals from all corners of life who are confronting Driving under the influence charges in and around Knoxville and throughout the rest of the East Tennessee area including Loudon, Knox, Anderson, Blount, and Sevier Counties. For example, if you are arrested for DUI, DWI, impaired driving, or DUI and submit to a breath or blood test which shows you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or greater, you will be dealing with a difficult fight. You will be arrested and charged with DUI and there will be actual physical proof which can be used against you in court, unless of course that test result can be suppressed by a legal challenge. The prosecuting lawyer may possibly use your performance on the field sobriety tests against you, in the event that the arresting law enforcement officer suspected that your test results showed intoxication due to alcohol and/or drugs.

Your DUI defense attorney will certainly need to establish that the blood test or breath test which was given showed an incorrect result, such as a blunder on the part of the individual who carried out the test or simply because the breath test machine malfunctioned.

Your attorney may additionally need to prove exactly how your overall performance on field sobriety tests did not necessarily indicate intoxication - yet was actually induced by something different, such as sleepiness,sickness or a physical condition.

Due to our exceptional reputation, at The Garza Law Firm Tennessee DUI defense represents the tremendous majority of the cases we handle.  Our “treat every case as though it were our own” strategy to handling your case yields excellent results in most cases.

In addition to our dedication to defending your Tennessee DUI charge, we rely on an investigation team that aspires to always know more about your Tennessee DUI than the state of Tennessee will ever know.  We rely on cutting edge investigative methods and technology in preparing for your Tennessee DUI.  Although many lawyers may merely obtain your warrants and possibly your videotape in their preparation, we are committed to an comprehensive and in depth investigation in each and every case.  At the Garza Law Firm, we go the additional mile in preparing for your case and will certainly gather all of the facts available in order to generate opportunities to successfully defend your case.

Knoxville Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

DUI Defense Lawyer in Knoxville, TN

Mr. Garza has committed himself to effectively defending your case, as he fully understands that a positive result in your case creates a long-lasting reputation.  As a DUI attorney dedicated to being the very best in his field, you can be confident that he will spare no expense and will fight for you, your rights, and your future.

Having attending more specific training in dealing with the many intricate technicalities of DUI cases than almost all DUI attorneys in East Tennessee, you can rest assured that if a potential strategy for the successful defense of your Tennessee DUI is present, he will find it.

Do not hesitate, contact our office right away, as the best results are attained when you hire and skilled and dedicated Tennessee DUI attorney as soon as possible in the criminal Tennessee DUI defense process.  Call 865.540.8300 as soon as possible.


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